Rock Decor is a family owned business with over a decade of combined experience in the manufactured stone industry. Creating quality stone products, Rock Decor brings excellence, innovation, and creativity to their designs.

Built on the foundation of quality products and superior customer service, Rock Decor is prepared to exceed customer needs and expectations. Without the policies and procedures of a big business, Rock Decor can support and service customers in the way they want to be treated.

Beginning with the best ingredients ensures that Rock Decor products are above industry standards. With attention to detail in each step of the manufactured stone process, Rock Decor pieces have quality built into each stone. Located in a large Amish community, Rock Decor can draw upon the well-known Amish craftsmanship to bring both quality and value to it's stone products.

Rock Decor offers a diversity of products to meet the needs of this fast growing industry. From transitions, utilities, and caps to landscaping stone and custom designed pieces, Rock Decor produces stone products that can be used with manufactured stone or natural stone veneer.

Rock Decor products allow you to